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{ Sense of Movement }

Sense of Movement

LifeFlight was on-hand at the start of the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon so that everyone could see it up-close.  It’s an American Eurocopter (AEC) BK117.  Shortly before the beginning of the race, the chopper took off and I was able to get this shot just as it was hovering above the tree line.


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{ Who Put That There? }

Who Put That There?

Here is one of the sled dogs “in waiting” for the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon.   I’m not totally sure what the orange and pink marking ink signifies on the dog’s forehead.

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{ Canine Companion }

Canine Companion

Here is one of the sled dogs before the start of the  John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon.  With 80 teams competing in this marathon and each team starting the race with at least 8 dogs, there were more than 640 dogs on the grounds waiting for the race to begin and much excitement in the air!

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{ Big Event }

Big Event

This is Curt Perano of Queenstown, New Zealand, as he was about to enter the starting gate for the mid-distance run of the  John Beargrease Sled Dog MarathonUPDATE:  Curt Perano finished 15th in the mid-distance race with a total trail time of 11:14:06.

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{ Watch }


I stumbled upon this guy at the Beargrease today.  He didn’t want to miss any of the action while he was waiting.  The mushers build kennels like this into the box of their pick-up trucks for transportation of the sled dogs.

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Follow the Leader

The 26th running of the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon started today in Duluth, Minnesota.  This race is the longest and most challenging of sled dog events in the lower 48 states, covering more than 400 miles of difficult terrain along one of America’s most beautiful scenic shorelines.  The Beargrease, a qualifying race for Alaska’s long-distance Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, attracts  mushers and spectators from around the world.

This is Martha Schouweller of Irma, Wisconsin.  She was drawn to be the first musher to leave the starting gate for the mid-distance run.  UPDATE:  Martha finished 17th with a total time on trail of 11:18:59.

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{ Wheels }


Today was the first time that my daughter skated on rollerskates.  She has always used rollerblades in the past but currently doesn’t have any that fit.  Wow, just being in the rink with her brings me right back to when I was her age.  The smell, the sound, the music.  Ahhh, to be that age again.

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