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{ Jump }


Here is one of the ski jumps at Chester Bowl.  The jumps haven’t been used for years but according to Minnesota Public Radio, Duluth was once the ski-jumping capitol of the United States.  The Duluth Nordic Ski Club dates back to the early 1900s and has produced many Olympic ski jumpers.  NOTE:  You can get a better idea of just how big this jump is if you compare it to the person who is walking up the steps on the lower left-hand side of the picture.


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{ Footwear }


Here’s a picture of Brea at the 5th annual Winter Carnival at Chester Bowl.  She didn’t ski today but I couldn’t resist getting a picture of her in front of all the brightly-colored skis footwear.

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{ Sleepy }


Here’s the girl with the furry feet, our Sadie Brown.  Sadie’s a pure-bread Chocolate Labrador Retriever.  And she’s sleepy.  Very, very sleepy.

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{ Furry }


I realize that this picture probably looks a little strange, but  I’m trying to show all of the fur that is growing between the pads of my dog’s feet.  She always has a little fur grow between her pads in the winter but the fur has come in so much thicker this year!  She accompanies my husband everyday when he goes snow-shoeing.  He snow-shoes about 5 miles a day so we’re guessing that she’s getting in about twice that many miles every day because of all of the “exploring” she does.  You can’t really tell from this picture but that fur is so long that it almost covers up her pads when it lays the right way.

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{ On the Table }

On the Table

I just love my new lamp that sits on the table next to my bed.  It matches my duvet set perfectly.   And the fact that I only paid $19.99 for it from T.J. Maxx makes me love it even more!

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{ Flags & Banners }

Flags & Banners

Hubby cleared miles and miles and miles of snow-shoe trail earlier in the fall.  These flags helped him mark the trail when the foliage was still thick and in-bloom.

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{ Abandoned }


This is the nest of a Heron.

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