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{ Hold the Ice }

Hold the Ice

Here is a picture from our ice storm.  I just love the glimpse of the Edward H. tugboat in the background!


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{ Love Thy Neighbor }

Love Thy Neighbor

This is a picture of Sadie Brown with our neighbor.  Everytime Sadie sees him, she runs to the fence and jumps up to wait for a treat.  And every time she runs to the fence and jumps up to wait for a treat, he brings her a treat.  You know what they say — love thy neighbor.

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{ Obsession }


Our dog, Sadie Brown, is absolutely obsessed with chewing on “sticks”.  Whenever we tell her to go find a stick, she grabs a great big log out of the wood pile and carries it around like it’s a little stick.  Then she chews on it until it is a little stick, spitting out all the little pieces of wood until it looks like we have a sawmill in our back yard!

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{ Shoes }


My husband LOVES to snow-shoe!  This is one of many pairs of snow-shoes he has lined up in the back yard.

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{ Local Landmark }


The Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth is one of our major landmarks.   The span of the bridge is about 390 feet and goes up and down to allow tall ships to enter the port of Duluth from Lake Superior.

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{ Who’s Your Daddy? }

Mama Mia!

“A mother.  A daughter.  3 possible dads.  And a trip down the aisle you’ll never forget. ~ Mama Mia!

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{ Navigational Aid }

Navigational Aid

According to the National History Museum, a dog’s sense of smell it’s most highly-developed sense. Dogs have about 25 times more olfactory (smell) receptors than humans do. These receptors occur in special sniffing cells deep in a dog’s snout and are what allow a dog to “out-smell” humans. Because of this keen sense of smell, we can train them for jobs such as tracking, rescue, or drug and bomb detection and to detect a wide variety of specific scents.”  Their nose is their best navigational aid!

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