{ Looking Down }

Looking Down


{ Take-Out }


{ Taking a Dive }

Taking a Dive

This image did not turn out as sharp as I would have liked but I couldn’t resist using it for this challenge anyways because I caught the bird while it was flying!  I’ve never been able to do that before so I was pretty excited too see that this one almost turned out.

{ Red }


I just love the touch of red on this bird’s chest and head.  I have no idea what kind of a bird this is.  Anyone?

Eating Establishment

Environmental Portrait

The white-tailed deer population is has grown troublesome in Minnesota.  Where it might have been unusual to see deer laying around in yards of city homes in years past, it is now a very common sight.   Because deer are adaptive to survive Minnesota winters and feeding them could spread disease or alter their normal winter movements, wildlife managers across Northeastern Minnesota have been urging people not to feed deer this winter.

{ Jump }


Here is one of the ski jumps at Chester Bowl.  The jumps haven’t been used for years but according to Minnesota Public Radio, Duluth was once the ski-jumping capitol of the United States.  The Duluth Nordic Ski Club dates back to the early 1900s and has produced many Olympic ski jumpers.  NOTE:  You can get a better idea of just how big this jump is if you compare it to the person who is walking up the steps on the lower left-hand side of the picture.